Mainnet HYCON > Hycon(ERC20) Swap Final Notice

The final swap period for Ethereum-based Hycon (ERC20) on Mainnet Hycon is imminent.

It was confirmed that there were users who could not proceed with the swap because they did not check the notice.

As such, we support the last additional swap for the extended period below.

As previously announced, when the swap support period ends, the mainnet networks such as Explorer/Mining/Light Wallet/Hycon Ledger will be suspended.

If the mainnet is stopped, it is impossible to check the quantity in the existing mainnet wallet. Therefore, please move Mainnet Hycon to the Pokiit platform within the swap support period.

[Final swap period]
Mainnet Hycon > HYCON (ERC20) Final Swap Support Schedule: ~ June 22, 2021 06:00 AM (UTC)

1) Sign up in the Pokiit > 2) Issuance of mainnet HYCON deposit address > 3) Send Mainnet HYCON > 4) ERC20 swap automatically

When the swap to Ethereum-based Hycon tokens is complete, you can store Hycon tokens by withdrawing from Pokiit to your Ethereum wallet (Metamask/imToken/ledger, etc.)

ERC20 swap information will be the last notice in this notice. Swap cannot be supported after the end of this additional extended swap period.

The Foundation will not be held responsible for any damage caused by failure to check the notice, failure to participate in the swap, or incorrect deposit.

If you have any questions or need support regarding the swap, please apply for a 1:1 chat with the Telegram Community Manager (@hyc_support).

Thank you.

Hycon Team




We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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