HYCON, official SNS channel integration announcement

Jan 21, 2021

Hello, this is Hycon Team.

In order to unify the official SNS channel of Hycon, we will inform you of the plan to reorganize the official SNS channel as follows.
Hycon provided new news in diverse languages ​​through various SNS channels.

As new updates are delayed due to negligence of management of various channels,
We plan to integrate some SNS channels to unify the disclosure window.

The previously operated Naver Blog, Instagram, and Facebook will be integrated into Medium, Twitter, and Telegram global channels.
The official chat room where holders can communicate with each other remains the same as before.

This is a policy to create a more efficient official SNS channel environment, so please refer to the usage.
Hycon will continue to gradually move toward its goal in the future.

Thank you.
Hycon Team