HYCON June Wrap-Up

June has come and gone. Let’s review some of the key events 😊 of what has been another fruitful month at Glosfer.

On June 1st, as promised, HYCON launched its main net! As scheduled, HYCON released its code on GitHub and the network went live! The Main Network launch was a super meaningful event for all of us, especially as it signified the hard work of development team.

Main net is live! Time to celebrate!

After main net launch, Taewon Kim underlined the fact that this is just a starting point for the team and we are ready to move forward with more exciting news in future! We’re looking at an exciting end to 2018!

HYCON Main Net Launch Developer’s Video

Shortly after main net launch we released a mining guide for our users. The guide was written for both CPU and GPU users so why don’t you try mining some HYCON for yourself? At the time of writing, our hash power is over 10 million hashes per second! We see the numbers increasing day by day. Thank you all for your support — let’s put a zero on the end of those hashes p/s by 2019 😊!

Global hash rate is over 10 million hashes per second!

On June 14th, HYCON attended “2018 Global Blockchain Conference” which was held at The Plaza hotel, next to City Hall in Seoul. CEO Taewon Kim gave a speech about HYCON and shared the purpose and the future of HYCON with many investors and crypto supporters.

June 14th, Taewon Kim spoke at the 2018 Global Blockchain Conference

On June 15th, HYCON held its Main Net launch party, we had a great time, invited many important guests, and most importantly Taewon Kim announced our listing on Bit Z being confirmed.

HYCON Mainnet Launch Party Video 1
HYCON Mainnet Launch Party Video 2

On June 19th , Glosfer attended the World Blockchain Summit “Marvels”. Many pioneers in the industry came and gave speeches on blockchain technology and shared their views on the future of the industry. Vice President, Jason French, participated as a panel guest and had a great talk with other blockchain specialists.

During the event we revealed our collectible HYCON Coin and gave away hundreds of them as souvenirs to members of an interested crowd — provided they had set up HYCON wallets 😊.

On June 21st, we carried out the Token Burn!

In block 45456, you can see that we burned the coins as promised during our ICO — this is yet another example of HYCON delivering on its goals!

The next day came even bigger news!

On June 22nd, HYCON won its place on a listing vote on OKEx! OKEx is one of the top crypto exchanges in the world. So many supporters from all around the world voted for HYCON and we ranked second among 23 other projects. Again, thank you all for your love and support 😊!

Thank you for your support!

CEO Taewon Kim thanks the supporters for voting for HYCON on OKEx

Thanks for voting HYCON on OKEx — wallet node guide!

Bounty Time!

On the 25th, we started the HYCON Bounty Program! It has only been about a week, but so many supporters from all around the world sent us some interesting and creative work! Thank you so much for participating in our bounty program and taking part in our HYCON COMMUNITY! We ask everyone to join the program and show us your love and passion for HYCON! Here are some of the pieces of work we have received 😊:

On the 26th, Jason French and Josh Igoe hosted the second episode of Glosfer TV! On the show, they talked about what has been happening behind the scenes in Glosfer related to HYCON! If you missed the video, check it out below right now 😊!

Glosfer TV Episode 2!
Coming in Q3!

Coming up next month:

Eccentric Emu Code Release
We’re having a competition– Bounty Reward — 1000 HYCON up for grabs.

We are releasing the code on GitHub. It is an important update that. It’s an important update that includes security and performance optimizations, so it’s highly recommended for you to get updated. Following our now well-established tradition of naming our releases after birds alphabetically, the next release will be known as Eccentric Emu. We want YOU to create gifs, videos, and shareable images based on this next release. We’re going to be rewarding the winning submission with 1000 HYCON — it could be you!

Lite Wallet Chrome Extension
Security during the ICO coin distribution has been the number one concern of the HYCON development team. Accordingly, the developers are very wary of using a regular web interface due to the increased possibility of phishing scams. Following this train of thought, we have developed a lite wallet as a Chrome Extension, as this removes the necessity to run a node and be fully synced to the network to make transactions, while also giving an enhanced layer of security for our users and stopping the possibility of phishing.

July 21st-22nd Blockchain Partners — HYCON is co-sponsoring this conference and will be presenting alongside a renowned list of speakers — check out the site here!

On July 22nd, Glosfer is hosting its first Glosfer Learning Day (GLD)! GLD’s main mission is to grow blockchain technology by supporting developers and coders. Entry fee is 100,000 KRW, however if you pay with HYCON then you’ll enjoy a 10% discount!

WOW! Looking back at all this — it’s clear that June has been such an incredible month for everyone at Glosfer— and next month is going to be an even more unforgettable month for all our supporters. We just can’t wait!

Again, thank you everyone for your support!

Best Regards,




Telegram: https://t.me/teamhycon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/teamhycon
Instagram: https://instagram.com/teamhycon
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/HYCON
Facebook: https://facebook.com/teamhycon
YouTube: https://youtube.com/teamhycon
Medium: https://medium.com/@teamhycon
GitHub: https://github.com/team-hycon/
Web: https://hycon.io




We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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