HYCON Coin Distribution

Follow The Process Outlined Below To Ensure Your HYCON Distribution Arrives Safely

UPDATE: We highly recommend you use the Lite Client — video guide below, with Lite Client support on Telegram

How to use the HYCON Lite Client

What follows below are HYCON Coin Distribution instructions for running a full node which requires a full sync with the blockchain main network. Please follow the steps carefully.


Before you get started, please make sure you have a pen and paper to document the following at the appropriate steps:

a) Your mnemonic phrase (Step 22 — Step 26, Step 33 — Step 34).

b) Your wallet address.

c) Your password to your encrypted private key such that only you have access to this information (Step 31).

Important Points to Note:

1) Coin distribution begins Thursday 21st, June, 2018 at noon 12 pm Korean Standard Time.

2) After that date, we will begin a once daily batch distribution during office hours, excluding national holidays and weekends, for queued users.

3) To protect our ICO contributors and to add an extra layer of security, you will receive your coins only after confirming you control the recovery phrase (mnemonic).

Step one: Make sure you use Google Chrome web browser. (https://www.google.com/chrome/)

Step two: Go to the application download page — and download software link https://github.com/Team-Hycon/hycon-core/releases/latest

Step three: Unzip the downloaded file

Step four: Enter the unzipped folder.

Step five: Click launch.

Step six: You may have to override your operating system security settings. If a popup appears, click OK.

If no popup appears, may skip to Step eleven (Step 11).

Step seven: Hold “Command” and press “Space bar” at the same time until a search dialog pops up.

Step seven A, B, C: Type “System Preferences” in search bar, and Click System Preferences

Step eight: Click Security & Privacy

Step nine: Click Open Anyway

Step ten: Click Open

Step eleven: You will be prompted to enter a password in the terminal. Please get your pen and paper, now.

Step twelve: Please type your password, and press Enter. The password you type, write it down, and double check you wrote it down correctly.

Step thirteen: Re-enter the same password, and press Enter again.

Step fourteen: The terminal will load and you will begin syncing with the network. Feel free to minimize this screen while the sync happens. It could take a long time (up to a few hours). Do not close the terminal.

Step fifteen: During the sync your web browser will open, it will display ‘localhost:2442’ in the address bar. Now you can interact with the HYCON blockchain. Click on Wallet in the navigation bar in your browser.

Step sixteen: Click “Add Wallet”.

Step seventeen: Choose a name for your wallet.

Step eighteen: Choose a mnemonic language.

Step nineteen: Choose a password.

Step twenty: Confirm password.

Step twenty-one: Click Next.

Step twenty-two: A mnemonic phrase will appear. Please write this down on paper now. Keep this paper in a safe place at all times in a place only you can access. For security reasons you will not be able to copy and paste this address so you MUST write this down.

Step twenty-three: Type the mnemonic phrase into the text box below.

Step twenty-four: Click Next

Step twenty-five: On the next page re-enter your mnemonic phrase once again.

Step twenty-six: No pasting is possible, you must type manually! Please be careful to enter the exact phrase.

Step twenty-seven: Click Finish

Step twenty-eight: Click Claim

Step twenty-nine: A screen will appear for you to enter your ICO Credentials

Step thirty: Input your ICO email you use on hycon.io

Step thirty-one: Input your ICO password that you use on hycon.io

Step thirty-two: Click Login

Step thirty-three: A box will appear to enter your mnemonic phrase

Step thirty-four: Enter your mnemonic phrase

Step thirty-five: Click Submit

Step thirty-six: This is your HYCON Wallet where your funds will be received.

— — — — —

We cannot recover your funds or refund your account if you visit a phishing site, lose your private key, or use an irrecoverable wallet address. You and only you are responsible for your funds and security.

We cannot:

· access your account or send funds for you.

· recover or change your private key.

· recover or reset your password.

· refund, cancel, or reverse transactions.

· freeze your account.

We hope you appreciate the serious tone of this message as there is no margin for error once you confirm your HYCON wallet address and coin distribution begins. Finally, just to reiterate the point, make sure you have written down your recovery phrase, also known as a mnemonic phrase, and store it in a safe place. Do not share this phrase with anyone.

Thank you,




We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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