1. What’s the reason why the real-time broadcasting is not carried out for AMA?

2. What’s the reason why the launch timing of the services is delayed?

3. Can you kindly let me know the plans for listing with the exchange?

4. There are lots of blockchain services under progress with the government and the public agencies but are they related to the HYCON public blockchain?

5. What is HYCON Go?

6. Then, how will the case be treated whereby the person who participated at HYCON ICO has sold and does not hold any HYCON and how will the period be determined?

7. Won’t it be helpful for enhancement of HYCON value to let all of the persons know about this event who used to possess HYCON?

8. What’s the relationship between FOBLGATE and HYCON?

9. Could you let me know your plan for enhancement of the value since the price has fell greatly?

10. As in the case where the advertising expense was disbursed by HYCON at Premiere League, do you have any additional plan to pay HYCON as the publicity fees?

11. Please pay more attention to the price than the development.

12. If it is difficult to list HYCON because it is a main-net, don’t you have any plan to develop the plug-in program to enable the listing at least with the exchanges without the technology as a resolution?

13. When will HYCON be listed with Bithumb?

14. Do you have any plan for buy-back? I wonder if there is any policy for defense of the price when the quantity in circulation increases due to airdrop.

15. I think it could be a good idea to publicize HYCON by utilizing the people within HYCON SNS channels.

16. Please let me know the outcomes from the business progresses at Glosfer in percentage terms.



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