Announcement of Hycon Token Manual Swap (The Pokiit Platform)

Please note that all users should manually swap as the Hycon Token(ERC-20) will be integrated and updated.

Please make a deposit with Mainnet HYCON in the pokiit platform for manual swap.

Manual swap proceeds in one-way process from Mainnet HYCON to Hycon Token(ERC-20).

If you have Mainnet HYCON, please make sure to complete the swap process by the deadline.


1) Sign up in the Pokiit > 2) Issue the address to send Mainnet HYCON > 3) Send Mainnet HYCON > 4) It will be swapped for Hycon Token(ERC-20) (One-direction swap)

※ Deadline for sending Mainnet HYCON /Manual swap : June 18, 2021 07:00 am (UTC)

※ If the deadline expires, all Mainnet-related platform, explorer, and mining will be suspended and Mainnet HYCON will be burnt. Please keep in mind that manual swap should be done by the deadline.

※ If you have any problem to make claim on Mainnet HYCON, please contact Customer Service Center (

※ In case you send to wrong address, or if the deadline expires, or if you don’t swap, you shall take all responsibility for losses arising from your negligence.

Therefore, please make sure to complete the manual swap process to convert Hycon Token.

※ Hycon (ERC-20) Contract: 0x07c9eEFd9059381144265600d3Cbf4974312861b




We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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