Announcement of HYCON Token (ERC-20) Integration

HYCON Token(ERC-20) swap will be integrated.

Mainnet HYCON and HYCON Token(ERC-20) that have been operated together since Nov. ’19 will be integrated as follows.

[Before] Mainnet HYCON & HYCON Token(ERC-20) : Run together
[After] Only HYCON Token(ERC-20) will be run
[Date of Execution] Differ by the exchange and pokiit platform

HYCON Token(ERC-20) is issued in November, ’19 and 5 billion were issued as Mainnet HYCON was.
It can be exchanged on a one-for-one basis, which means there’s no changes in the volume of token issued.
Existing Mainnet HYCON buyer can swap on a one-for-one basis.
(Example: 1 million of Mainnet HYCON → 1 million of HYCON Token(ERC-20))

If you have Mainnet HYCON owned by OKEX, your Mainnet HYCON will be automatically swapped for HYCON Token(ERC-20).
If you have Mainnet HYCON owned by the pokiit platform, you should manually swap.
If you have personal pokiit, please make a deposit to the pokiit platform to swap.

※ HYCON Token(ERC-20) Contract : 0x07c9eEFd9059381144265600d3Cbf4974312861b

All HYCON Token(ERC-20) swap helps to unify the HYCON transaction support from each exchange and provide environment where enables to build up various service.




We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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We are the HYCON Cryptocurrency Team

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